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LIT Networks a licensed telecommunications Service Provider that offers full turnkey wireless & fibre optic Open Access Network solution using the latest wireless and fibre technologies that provides a platform for ISPs to offer data and voice services to businesses and homes in South Africa.

LIT Networks is not an ISP. We provide Multi-dwelling unit buildings (MDUs), estates, and residential complexes with premium fibre-optic infrastructure and wireless infrastructure on which various ISPs can sell their services over.


Network Design & Planning

We have in-house surveyors, planners and network designers for any fibre project.

Network Builds


We have professional installers and project managers to ensure quality builds for your MDU Apartment Buildings, Complexes, and Estate Fibre Projects.

Reticulation Projects

We reticulate fibre in residential and commercial complexes. We also operate a wireless network.

Carrier-Grade Equipment

IT Networks utilizes carrier-grade equipment and all of its fibre network builds are planned with care. We take pride in our network deployments, ensuring durable, robust network infrastructure.

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Interested in getting your complex installed?

If you are interested in LIT Networks installing Fibre in your MDU Apartment Building or residential complex please contact us so we can assist you.


LIT Networks builds, monitor operates and maintains one of the most advanced Fixed Wireless networks in South Africa. The network and equipment are fully owned and managed by LIT Networks, and there is no reliance on third-party networks.

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8 London Ln, Park Central, Johannesburg

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